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It was a high entrepreneurial spirit and a strong passion for elegant, classic style furniture that prompted Claudio Saoncella , the owner of the firm, to establish his business in 1970.

Natural aptitude to create outstanding quality products and high professional skill enable the firm’s owner to provide his customers with furniture devised and wholly finished within the facility: this being possible because since 1976 the facility has been enlarged and equipped with a polishing unit. Thence, each piece of furniture can be checked and monitored step by step from its raw to the drop shipment.

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The best kinds of wood on the market are always used at Saoncella’s for all furniture collections succeeding over the years.

After a good performance in the domestic market, the firm has began to export to European countries first, and, since 1980, to Asiatic countries such as Japan and Korea, and to South Africa. At Saoncella’s the furniture is either styled by the best architects and designers or custom-made, thus meeting the customers’ even most demanding needs.

Claudio, the father, has passed his experience on his sons Ionny and Marco, which both joined the family’s business in 1998; tradition therefore met innovation, and the collection named “Vivaldi” is the result of that union. The collection consists of classic style furniture with carved decorations, but designed with a modern touch to satisfy the contemporary concept of interior decoration.

A special location has been chosen to present such a high quality design collection: Bevilacqua Castle, near Verona, which was built in 1336 in a pre-existing roman fortress’ site. The rooms on the first floor, designed by the famous architects Michele Sammicheli and Gaetano Ippolito Bevilacqua and magnificently decorated in Renaissance, Late Renaissance up to XVIII century, enhance the beauty of the furniture. A strong emotion originates from the vision of such gathering of history, elegance, and charme.

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